I love that Monster!: Cookie doesn’t play around!

Chile get a cup of hot tea or better yet some Mascoto cause you gonna need it for the first episode of the new season! If you didn’t already seen the season finale last, then let me spill the tea and catch you up.  Luscious Lyon was visiting his son Andre in the hospital because of a mental break down he had due to some … Continue reading I love that Monster!: Cookie doesn’t play around!

Album Review: The Kids are Alright

  The Bailey Sisters, Chloe and Halle performing at the BET 2016 Hip Hop Awards    The Bailey Sisters; Chloe x Halle are blowing up the music stream when their debut album “The Kids are Alright” was released March 23rd.  These young sisters has always been musically inspired way before the 2016 BET performance.  Back in 2013, Beyoncé Knowles was the ones who discovered the … Continue reading Album Review: The Kids are Alright

Author Spotlight: Bianca Lynnette

How did your writing journey begin? I started writing as a pre-teen. I was a quiet child growing up with a lot on my mind, so I resulted to writing poetry. Was writing something you always wanted to accomplish as one of your goals? Yes, most definitely. What do you want your readers to take away when reading your books? My number one message for … Continue reading Author Spotlight: Bianca Lynnette

When Preparation Meets Opportunity

When life takes a sudden turn; an unexpected loss of a love one, loss of job, divorce/relationship problems, health issues, and the list goes on…. We are quick to ask, why God, and why me? What am I going to do? We panic! We get scared. We suddenly feel alone,  like our world has ended. It’s not always easy, nor is it our first thought.  But, … Continue reading When Preparation Meets Opportunity

P.U.SH. Through it All!: Take it to the next Level

Are you feeling stuck? I encourage you to PUSH yourself into the next level. Sometimes, we’re waiting on everyone else to move, and the hold up is ourselves. We’re waiting on the sign from God, the unexpected phone call, the surprising email or text message, that’s going to change everything. Not realizing, that we have everything we need right in front of us. All we … Continue reading P.U.SH. Through it All!: Take it to the next Level