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Don’t Be Insecure!

When I tell you that watching Insecure was the best thing that happened to me, I was definitely telling the truth!  Everyone always kept talking about it but I never really payed it any mind.  Then I took it upon myself to get HBO and catch up on the first two seasons which took me exactly two days to watch!I was addicted after that and I definitely was looking forward to the new season!


Issa Rae, writer and executive director of the hit comedy series “Insecure” was first aired in 2016.  Since the show has taken off, she has won two Global Globe awards and been nominated for an Emmy Award.  Issa created her first you tube series called “Awkward Black Girl” which got the attention from people and media.  Season 3 of “Insecure” was renewed last year and it’s on it’s second episode of the new season.  This comedy series is not just any regular TV series you would normally watch on TV, but it’s about a black girl who is still trying to find herself even in insecure situations; relationships preferably.   Sometimes you may feel awkward at times and question yourself if the risk is even worth it.  Issa is the main star and I can say she definitely has a way with works and acting ability because she can make you laugh in a heartbeat!  The theme for this season is “Know Better! Do Better!”


If you aren’t woke on this show, then I need you to not sleep on it.  Missed the first two seasons? Don’t worry, you can watch them on the HBO app or on Demand.  Insecure comes on every Sunday at 10:30 pm on HBO.




Interview: Let’s Laugh with EB4REAL!

Laughing is apparently good for the soul! So why not laugh some more with EB4REAL! He has been entertaining family and friends since elementary school and since performing and auditions, he is definitely ready to take comedy full time!  Making moves is what he is all about and making you laugh is what he does best!


In your bio you mentioned you have been making people laugh since you were young.  What type of jokes did you tell back then?


I’ve been snappin’ on cats since I was 12 years old so it was a game we used to play in the neighborhood called Casin’ or what is known now as Roasting. It was all fun amongst childhood friends and was not intended to be hurtful or malicious.


Did you ever participate in the talent shows at school? 


No school talent shows it was more like street talent. Poppin’ n Lockin’ in front of the school.  Anyway…I was actually more of a band geek.


How did you decide that being a comedian is what you wanted to do?


Let’s just say….I didn’t choose comedy, comedy chose me.


Do you travel to perform at events? Were they successful? 


Yes, I have traveled on numerous occasions and have been received very well. At times, it’s been an unnerving feeling to discover how different audience members will respond to my material. But, then again, that’s part of the fun of it.


How has comedy helped you in your life?


They say laughter is good for the soul.  I don’t know about good for the soul, Ha! Ha! But, I try to be positive and look for a humorous vein in every aspect of my life.


In order to tell a good joke, are there any necessary steps involved?


I’m an observational comedian and when I see something I choose to write about the setup and punchline come easy and it’s always relatable to audiences.


What do you normally do to get prepared for a big show?


I’m very passionate about my comedy career and I’m always prepared for a feature performance (15 – 20 minutes). I always have prepared material and never need to improvise.


How many years have you been doing this? Part-time or full-time?


I wrote my first set in 2003 and performed on open mic part-time but after that I decided I wanted to have a career in comedy. I have invested a lot of time and I am passionate about performing regularly.


What keeps you motivated/inspired doing what you love doing the most?


First and foremost, I believe in myself and I have invested in the belief that I can be successful in comedy and I have a very strong family support system.


Have you faced any challenges in your career so far? 


Yes, there are challenges in the comedy industry. However, I take those challenges on the chin and appreciate them to make me a better and stronger performer.


What is next for you?


Well, that’s a big question. I was just informed that there are auditions in August for America’s Got Talent and I’m strongly considering it.


How can readers connect with you? 

Please connect with me on my website at EB4REAL.com. Follow me on IG @comedyreal47, and my Facebook fan page @EB4REAL8. I look forward to connecting.