When Preparation Meets Opportunity

When life takes a sudden turn; an unexpected loss of a love one, loss of job, divorce/relationship problems, health issues, and the list goes on…. We are quick to ask, why God, and why me? What am I going to do? We panic! We get scared. We suddenly feel alone,  like our world has ended. It’s not always easy, nor is it our first thought.  But, … Continue reading When Preparation Meets Opportunity

Author Spotlight: Diane Guntrip

  How did your writing journey begin? This is a difficult question for me to answer. From a young age I have always been actively involved in some creative pursuit. I trained as a teacher specialising in English and Textiles and taught Textiles for 6 years. Later I became a jewellery designer and also ran a business featuring designer pillows all whilst I continued with … Continue reading Author Spotlight: Diane Guntrip

Author Spotlight: Philandis Stovall

 How long have you been writing? I started writing at a very young. I would say, it was around the age of 5. I used to write in a daily journal about anything. I would create short stories, poems and writings about expressing my thoughts and experiences. What motivated you to become an author? My personal journey as while as the people around me motivated … Continue reading Author Spotlight: Philandis Stovall

P.U.SH. Through it All!: Take it to the next Level

Are you feeling stuck? I encourage you to PUSH yourself into the next level. Sometimes, we’re waiting on everyone else to move, and the hold up is ourselves. We’re waiting on the sign from God, the unexpected phone call, the surprising email or text message, that’s going to change everything. Not realizing, that we have everything we need right in front of us. All we … Continue reading P.U.SH. Through it All!: Take it to the next Level